About the Gurkha Restaurant

The Grand Opening day was celebrated with the Mayor and Mayoress of Chelmsford including popular friends and family of the Chelmsford community.

We would like to invite you into the restaurant for a fine-dining and cultural experience with our truly authentic Nepalese cuisine that is sure to give you an exotic taster of the vibrant yet equally peaceful country. Our restaurant has intimate seating for couples and spacious tables for large groups.

There will be frequent dates of Live Jazz Night, with a cleared dance floor for our customers to catch the rhythm including special traditional performances of Nepalese folklore dancing to allow our customers to feel more part of the culture. We hope you can come to enjoy the Nepalese atmosphere and we look forward to welcoming you.

About gurkha-restaurant

About The Gurkha Panorama

The Kingdom of Nepal, known also as the Himalayan Kingdom, is surrounded by snow-capped mountains reaching towards the heavens, indeed Nepal is home to the very heart of the Himalayan giants. These mountains, combined with enchanting valleys, crystal clear lakes and raging river rapids, make Nepal a land of excitement and wonder. It is a melting pot for a variety of cultures, traditions and people and probably the only place on Earth where you can consider yourself to be both Buddhist and Hindu with equal dedication. The tolerant, proud and friendly people carefully tend the land, which is fed by the melt waters from the mighty Himalayas. It is the famous mountain range that is home to Sagarmatha (Mount Everest in English). The fertility of the land and the sheer hard work and the determination of the people have enabled Nepal to produce many fine herbs and spices. These exquisite herbs and spices are extremely well combined to produce the unique flavours of Nepali cuisine – tastes which literally convey the richness and variety of the land and people.

It is a brave and gallant land, home to the Gurkhas – the most prized and famous soldiers of the British Army – known world-wide for their valour, bravery, loyalty and determination. They originate from a small town called Gorkha and the name Gurkha originally referred to the fighting men from this small, yet strong, town. It was their ferocity when fighting that eventually led to the unification of Nepal, under the leadership of the war lord Privithiwi Narayan Shah. This fighting prowess is now the hallmark of all soldiers of Nepal, known collectively as the Gurkhas. They have been an integral part of the British Army for many years now and have proved their fighting ability and courage many times over.

We at The Gurkha Restuarant are happy to share with you our appetising and delightful heritage. This finest Nepalese cuisine is cooked to perfection by our Head Chef who has many years experience of making delicious dishes for extremely satisfied customers.

We hope you enjoy sharing part of our rich and varied culture with us.